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The Hurricane Story
Hello and welcome to Hurricane Headwear. I am Zach Jayne, Founder of Hurricane Headwear LLC in Bend Oregon. As a 14 year old outdoor enthusiast, I always dreamed of being a small business owner. My age has never been an obstacle, just a number. I have always been somewhat fascinated with fashion (say, hats) and design. At first, I attempted modeling, but alas no one would hire me (go figure). As an outdoorsman, I found myself constantly out in the elements (and I was cold).  After a little planning, Hurricane Headwear started up in 2018.  
I'm a Nordic skier and also a young surfer, but don't be afraid. In between the snow, surf and school, I design hats for the masses. Hurricane Headwear has got you covered - at least your head. Follow me and my friends on our continued adventures on liquid and solid H20 year-round. Oh, don't forget to stay in touch for the latest gear from me, your go to headwear man. 
Thanks again for stopping by,
-Head of Wear