What's In a Hat?

What's in a hat? The obvious answer is your head, but there's more to it than just your noggin. Hats are one of my favorite accessories to wear year around. I love hats so much, that I started a company. Seriously - you're on my website and reading my blog at this very moment. I'm only 16, so I'm not into a large variety of headwear, say, berets, top hats or even fedoras. None of these are in my wardrobe and to be honest, I don't even have a wardrobe.

I do, however, have a closet full of hats. I have a selection of beanies and skull caps for warmth in the cold, as well as a number of sun survival pieces for the heat. Hats make a statement and they instantly make any look that much more interesting. They can also be a quick and simple addition to your outfit. The biggest misconception about hats is that only certain people can pull them off. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Here are a few tips to wearing a hat like a pro.

  1. First things first- pick a hat that fits!
  2. For a tried and true style, select a hat that looks like they could fit in during any season. Take that thought and flip it on it's head - nothing screams snowboarding more than the lounge. That's right. A wide-brim straw hat on the slopes. Be bold (and cold). Heck, if you're cold, throw on a skull underneath that strawman and rock bachy like the beast that you are. You can pull that look off. Yes you can.
  3. Bed head? No time for a shower. Nothing says 'look at me' more than a beanie and deodorant. Don't forget the deodorant. No hair? I'd still go with the beanie.
  4. A hat for all occasions. Is there such a thing? Try it. When paired with a summer dress or cut off jeans, a hugger looks good with anything and everything. Float the river to a formal event in 5 minutes flat.
  5. Dress for less. What do I mean by this? You can have the nicest, expensive clothing out there and still look, well, you know. When you throw a hat on your head - it sets the tone. Sure, it might not be the right setting, but judge accordingly. Why can't you wear a hat to work, to the dentist or even your wedding - go for it. You're cool. A hat carries a lot of weight in your look, so offset the look and create much-needed balance. Which leads me to...
  6. Confidence. Confidence is key. The single greatest tip to successfully rock any hat is to wear it with confidence.

So, go ahead, step outside of your normal zone and shoot for the stars. If that means that you need to hide your hat from your mother, don't do it. I would never suggest that. Just slide it by in the backpack and make your way out the door and everyone feels good.

Now that we're on the topics of hats - our fall/winter line is currently in the works. Wow. Stay tuned for our 2020-21 Cat 2 gear headed your way. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for something funky, hit me up and we'll see what we can do. Stay safe and buy a hat. 

- Zach

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