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A 16 Year Old With A Dream

Starting Up

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Our Purpose

Why Hurricane you might ask? Well hurricanes are rough and tough, and so are our hats. We made a unique blend of purpose and elegance to keep you doing what you do best while looking great. We designed all of our hats with functionality and style in mind so you can keep doing stuff like

Without Limiting Activity

Headwear that restricts the ability to do things that I love ruins the fun no matter the activity. Whether extreme cold or heat, a hurricane or blizzard our hats will stay on your head just where you left them. This is why we are here: to keep you comfortable in conditions that are not so. 

Our Most Technical Fabric Ever

Combining exceptional breathability with UV protection, the Hurricane Huff is a technical multi-functional garment for any activity in any conditions. Lightweight, quick-drying and moisture-wicking microfiber fabric.

Check the tech

"A truly epic product with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction ever experienced"

Dasan S.

"The Hugger is super sick and I wear it almost everyday in the summer. It's so comfortable and is a great option to wear with almost anything"

Hudson S.